Django 静态文件配置

_"未格式化的导入日志 unformatted imported post"_

Django 自带的admin 用户及权限管理是一个很不错的功能,但在开发的时候,如果仅仅只是按照教程中介绍的去掉 中相应的注释,那么你很有可能看到的是一个光秃秃的裸体页面,换句话说,就是页面的样式都失效了。
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Samuel Chen

I am living in Wuhan with my wife and daughter.
Before 2010, I was living in Beijing for a long time.
My interesings are cloud technology, distributed system, data mining and mobile technologies.
In my spare time, I like to play football and swiming.
“Explorer. Dream. Discover. “ is my favorite quotation. And it is also the way I am looking for and doing.

Wuhan, China